This message is dated July 7th, 2021

This information will be updated during the week of October 4th, 2021


Please note that registrations for CAMBODIA, the PHILIPPINES are currently suspended, we therefore cannot answer your queries for the moment. Only information requests on adoptions from CHINA, VIETNAM and BURUNDI will be processed.

Registrations and adoptions from the Kingdom of Cambodia have been suspended since 2006. A new Adoption Law is in effect since December 2009.

We are now working on obtaining our accreditation from the government of Cambodia and hoping to resume our activities in this country. In the meantime, registrations remain suspended for the moment and for an undetermined period of time: we are not accepting any new adoption applications, nor do we have a “waiting list of interested parents” for this country. Any change in this situation will be announced on this page.

When adoptions do resume, they will be limited in number (quotas per adoption agency, and limited number of adoption agencies accredited by Cambodia).

Société Formons une Famille has been licensed to work in Cambodia since 1995, since then 140 Cambodian children have found a home in Quebec through our organisation.

Who may adopt ?

The Cambodian Law on Inter Country Adoption (December 2009) states that only married couples* can adopt (single applicants are not admissible). Couples must correspond to the following criteria:

  • both spouses must be 30 years of age, or more;
  • both spouses must be at least 22 years older than the adopted child, but must be less than 45 years older than the adopted child (at the date of submission of the application for adoption to the Cambodian authorities);
  • adopters may adopt only if they have no children or if they have only one dependent child;
  • adopters may be authorized to adopt only one child, except for a child who has sibling(s) for which the adoption of more children (siblings) may be authorized.

* Married couple refers to a man and a woman having lawful marriage tie.

Other criterias are applicable to residents of Quebec. We invite you to visit the International Adoption Secretariat (SAI) website for more information.

Children generally proposed

Children below the age of 8 years, boys and girls. In the case of siblings, one of the children must be less than 8 years of age, the other(s) must be less than 18 years of age.

Children of Cambodia can be from known or unknown origin, i.e. abandoned anonymously or voluntarily by the birth parents. However, when the birth parents are known, contact between the birth family and adoptive family is not possible before the adoption.

The Cambodian authorities shall examine the dossiers of children who are eligible for inter-country adoption and shall match the adopters who have the best suitable profile to that of the child’s profile.

Other useful information

Approximate cost (including 2 trips to Cambodia) :
20,000 $

Approximate delay between deposit of the file in Cambodia and proposal :
to be evaluated

Type de décision :
Court decision (judgment is rendered in Cambodia)

Orphanage structure :
State-run (public) and private orphanages

Obligation to travel to Cambodia :
Yes, twice

Recent News and file update

Registrations for adoptions from Cambodia remain suspended for an undertermined period of time.

Partners and links

There is a Central Authority in place in Cambodia, responsible for receiving adoption applications from adoptive parents, namely the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labour, Vocational Training and Youth Rehabilitation. This central authority will also be responsible for matching children to future adoptive parents.